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Horse Training

Showtime Farms offers a wide range of training options to help horse owners improve the behavior and performance of their equine partners. Whether you are a new horse owner looking to start your horse's education, or an experienced equestrian looking to take your horse's training to the next level, our program will help you meet and exceed your goals for you and your horse.

We offer basic training for young or untrained horses. This can include ground work such as leading, haltering, grooming, and saddling. We use a slow relaxed approach to breaking and training ensuring your horse gains confidence as it learns the basics. We believe trust and building a strong foundation are the keys correct horse training and lead to a positive relationship between horse and owner. We also train, fit, and show yearlings and two year olds in halter, lunge line, and trail in hand.

For experienced horses and riders, advanced training is available for specific disciplines such as western pleasure, hunter under saddle, showmanship, horsemanship, equitation, halter, trail, western riding, ranch classes and more. These programs are designed to refine the horse's skills and improve performance in the show ring. 

From basic training for young horses to advanced training for experienced show horses,  everything in between, we work closely with you to set realistic goals and develop a training plan that is tailored to your horse and individual needs. In addition to full time training (5 days a week) we offer various training packages of part time training (1, 2, 3, or 4 days a week). We offer bi-weekly rides as well as monthly rides. Going on vacation? We can do training a la cart while you are away and can also help you if you are having a training issue with your horse and need some temporary assistance.


We also offer problem solving for horses with behavioral issues, tune-ups for horses returning to work after a break, and training for riders to improve their skills and confidence.

Our training programs include:

Ground work, manners, and respect

Clipping and bathing

Trailer loading 

Lunging and saddling

Breaking and training

Teaching the basics

Problem solving and retraining

Confidence on the trail

Halter, showmanship, and lunge line

Trail and trail in hand

Horsemanship and equitation

Western pleasure and western riding

Hunter under saddle

Ranch events

Forms for Training
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Training FAQ
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