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Ashley Devito

All Around Trainer

Favorite discipline: Western Pleasure/Hunt seat and Ranch versatility 

Favorite lesson horse and why: My favorite lesson horse at the barn is Blue. He is a well rounded horse who enjoys working and listens well to his riders. He is sensitive enough to help teach someone how to apply different amounts of pressure with their aids but also safe for a little kid to get on and ride around. He has a wonderful range of abilities from being able to do a nice slow western pleasure jog to a get there ranchy trot all while being able to collect and rock back on his hind end to do western dressage.

What do you love most about training and teaching lessons?: My favorite thing about teaching is seeing the growth in the person and the dedication to want to learn, seeing a smile on their face as they take their first canter stride or the improvement in their horsemanship. I love being able to see the person learn how to communicate with the horse in an efficient manor that keeps them both happy. Teaching a person about timing and release on a horse is a very important step in this. 

For training I enjoy seeing the horse develop into their best selves whether it’s for pleasure training for shows, ranch work or recreational riding. 

Ashley Devito
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