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Annastacia Rubach

Trainer/ Instructor

Favorite discipline: English riding

Favorite lesson horse and why: Blue and foxy. I love blue because he is very well rounded and easy for riders to learn on and foxy because I took care of a horse in college who could've been her twin, they looked so much alike. 

What do you love most about training and teaching lessons?: Training horses is fun because you get to learn how to become a better rider and a teacher, I love to see the progress that both riders and horses make during the process.

Training horses has always been a life long dream of mine so I did attend college at Meredith manor equestrian center in west virginia back in 2012-2013 to learn how to become a better rider and be able to train horses and I have been a lifelong horse person since about my 8th grade year in school when I received my first horse for Christmas from my mom. 

Annastacia Rubach
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