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Jill Heisler

Dressage Trainer

Jill Heisler is our resident dressage trainer. She enjoys helping people find new ways to connect with and enjoy their horses. She sees dressage as a way to push yourself and your horse to a level of discipline that is both fun and rewarding. Whether you are just looking to start the basics or you want to start moving up the levels through competition, Jill can help you set and reach your goals. Jill began riding when she was 8 years old and began competing in Eventing when she was 15. She started working on her dressage skills to help increase her eventing scores and fell in love with the art of it. Jill has successfully competed through PSG and is working on achieving her USDF gold medal in the Intermediare and Grand Prix levels.

Not only does Jill enjoy being a competitive dressage rider, but she also rides in exhibitions across the country performing routines with a team of stallions specializing in High School or Alta Escuela. Jill’s style of training focuses on the connection between horse and rider. Every horse is different and she takes pride in helping horses understand their jobs better so that their owners can communicate better with them. She doesn’t discriminate among breeds, ages, or genders but instead helps create a foundation that allows any horse to find comfort and harmony in their work.

Jill Heisler
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